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Our in-house design and engineering team is constantly looking to develop new techniques, innovative materials and sustainable solutions. We keep up to date with the latest market trends in order to create the most innovative products.

At Fasten, we do the complete innovation development process in-house, from the ground up, through concept development and final prototyping. This creates speed-to-market which can be achieved at any price point.


At Fasten, our in-house engineers make the difference. With their extensive technical know-how they can master any engineering challenge; moreover, we always develop realistic designs.

Our engineering department is up to date with the latest packaging production techniques, contemporary materials, and mould-development.

New Product Development

Every year we translate trends and inspirational ideas into innovative packaging solutions.

This way, we inspire our customers to think outside of the box and create unique concepts.

Speed to Market

Creating speed to market is a serious issue, and an area in which we excel.

With our full in-house development team, short production-lines and straightforward attitude, we create this speed with ease.

Cost-efficient Creations

At Fasten, having a tighter budget doesn’t mean that you’re limited. We can develop packaging in various price ranges.

Because of our deep industry knowledge, we guarantee competitive pricing for a wide range of packaging, from budget solutions to luxury bespoke designs.


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